All you need is sun, soil, and mother nature to create the purest CBD

Sun, soil, nature. When it comes to growing the best hemp plants, we only need these three things.

At Nutrapath we’re on a mission to create the purest CBD oil. By using just the power of the sun, soil and mother nature, our CBD is truly organic and pure.

Photosynthesis from the sun, soil rich in nutrients, and a little bit of TLC is all it takes. But there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes. 


We prepare our crop by starting with the soil. It needs to be PH balanced and goes through a stringent testing process. The soil in Vermont is some of the most fertile in the Northern hemisphere. We prepare the soil through the process of tilling. Drainage lines are installed to help increase yield by ensuring that the soil doesn’t become saturated.


Next up is sowing the seeds. Our seeds have been developed through years of experience to produce the strongest, most resilient hemp plants. These seeds are sewn throughout our fields, and can start to show signs of growth in as little as 24 hours.

We don’t use fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides or any other form of chemical fortifying. Just sun, soil rich in nutrients and time.


A typical growth cycle takes around 6 months. During this time our master farmers are constantly monitoring the conditions to ensure the healthiest plants are produced. In Vermont we get plenty of sun, soil is regularly tested, and water levels are monitored on a daily basis.


We harvest our crop only when the time is right. We don’t compromise on quality by meeting deadlines, we wait until the time is right. Specialist machinery helps with the picking of the plants. We separate the leaves, flowers and stems. 

Next comes the drying process. In order for our unique cold pressed extraction method to work, the hemp flower needs to be dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

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