Nutrapath Certified Organic Superior Full Spectrum Solventless CBD

Discover the
Nutrapath difference

Organic, cold-pressed, natural products
just the way nature intended

Discover the
Nutrapath difference

Always organic, always cold-pressed
products you can trust

Why choose Nutrapath products?

Our mission is to create products of the purest agency, uniting nature and humankind.

Solventless Extraction

3rd Party Lab Tested

Pesticide Free

Vegan Friendly

Gluten Free

cGMP Certified

Our Products

Forget what you know about CBD. Nutrapath creates the path between lifestyle and medicinal products.
We’re leading the way in bringing a new approach to the market by focusing on the importance of organic, natural, and solventless botanical products.

CBD+CBDa Supplements

Our superior full-spectrum supplements are a scientifically formulated blend of USDA organic cold-pressed hemp extract & USDA organic coconut MCT oil.

CBD+CBDa Botanical Topicals

Our superior full-spectrum joint support topical is scientifically formulated using ancient herbs to soothe discomfort & promote recovery.

Raw CBDa Supplements

Our superior full-spectrum supplement unlocks the power of cannabinoids in their raw acid form. New Studies as featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, Fox, New York Post & Fortune.

What makes us different?

Cold-pressed, patented
extraction process

Our qualified team of scientists have developed a patented technique for gently extracting plant material while maintaining the natural integrity of the plant.

Superior full spectrum
CBD products

Nutrapath’s cold-pressed process enables us to provide a more comprehensive full spectrum of raw and decarboxylated cannabinoids.

Our superior full spectrum line expands on the current market availability by incorporating raw cannabinoids into our products.

USDA certified organic

We are certified USDA Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) to demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship, product safety & purity, and sustainable practices. We only use certified Organic ingredients to produce the highest quality botanical products.

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