Cold-pressed CBD - The solventless, safe and natural Superior Full Spectrum CBD

Nutrapath’s cold-pressed extraction process makes for the purest Superior Full Spectrum CBD on the market.

When it comes to producing the purest Superior Full Spectrum CBD, our patented cold-pressed extraction process is the safest and most natural way.

Nutrapath’s unique cold-pressed method is solventless. Simply put, we extract everything within the plants by applying constant pressure on hemp flower buds. Unlike other extraction processes, we don’t use heat. This patented technique ensures the highest quality Superior Full Spectrum CBD. We call this extract Rosin. It’s the purest way to produce CBD, and is delivered as nature intended, with no additives or chemicals. Our products are filtered to remove the chlorophyll resulting in the golden color.

How does cold-pressing work? The technique was first developed for extracting terpenes and essential oils from plants. These oils are used in our daily lives. They are mainly seen in the food, beauty and health industries. Our scientists took inspiration from these methods and applied it to CBD production. Where our process is unique is that we don’t introduce heat. Through research and development we learned that heat reduces the THC levels. But not only that, generating heat is not very eco-friendly. We focus on creating the most environmentally sustainable farms. And so cold pressing is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint.

According to research led by the NCBI, data shows an increasing interest in rosin and pure CBD extraction. It means that consumers are much more conscious about the natural qualities of their CBD oil products. This trend proves that our Superior Full Spectrum CDB is the best choice for people looking for the purest, most natural THC. Findings also show that online conversations on Twitter point to more experienced users in states where cannabis has been legalized are advocating the benefits of rosin. The overall consensus is that it’s widely regarded as purer, safer and more natural.

Our Superior Full Spectrum CBD is available in 2 strengths, 500mg and 1000mg & can be purchased from our store.
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