• Active with Acids

    Active with Acids

    CBD has seen rapid growth in popularity amongst the fitness and sports communities. CBD has clearly found a place in the lives of those who lead an active lifestyle. Let's take a look at ways in which it can be incorporated into an energetic routine. People often ask 'Will CBD get me high and affect my performance? In a nutshell, it won't. CBD is derived from...
  • The top 5 myths surrounding CBD

    The top 5 myths surrounding CBD

    There are still many misconceptions around CBD. Concerned people often worry about the effects and even the legality of ours and others products. Here’s our top 5 facts to dispel any myths about CBD. Our aim is to prove the safety and positive effects of our world class CBD products and the benefits it brings. These facts are backed by in-depth scientific research from...
  • 5 signs to tell if your Nutrapath CBD products are working

    5 signs to tell if your Nutrapath CBD products are working

    The CBD harnessed within our organic product line provides a range of benefits. We explore the benefits and how you can tell if your CBD is working for you. Many believe that consuming our CBD causes drug induced side effects similar to that a user experiences when taking marijuana.  The ‘high’ that’s experienced from weed is down to the THC - the psychoactive ingredient. But...
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