5 signs to tell if your Nutrapath CBD products are working

The CBD harnessed within our organic product line provides a range of benefits. We explore the benefits and how you can tell if your CBD is working for you.

Many believe that consuming our CBD causes drug induced side effects similar to that a user experiences when taking marijuana. 

The ‘high’ that’s experienced from weed is down to the THC - the psychoactive ingredient. But because of the low THC levels, there are no psychoactive properties. Here are the benefits of using our Vermont natural CBD:

1. An overall feeling of comfort and relaxation

    Hemp extracts contribute to an overall feeling of relaxation. This is created by the cannabinoids interacting with the body’s natural system known as the endocannabinoid (ECS). This system maintains balance throughout the body. To help the regulation of this system, CBD can be introduced. Our hemp extract can also make the user feel more comfortable.


    2. Reduced stress levels

      CBD may help alleviate stress. By interacting with the ECS in the body, our hemp extract promotes calmness and wellbeing. This is particularly important when dealing with external factors that cause stress. This therapeutic effect can also help with anxiety and difficult social situations.

      3. A more positive outlook

        As well as helping to suppress anxious thoughts, CBD can positively affect the mood of the user. This helps with generating a more positive outlook on life and future wellbeing.

        4. Increased productivity

          Studies have found that daily CBD users feel more productive at work. There’s an increase in focus too which is vital for concentration.

          5. Better sleep
            By taking CBD at night, users report a much better night's sleep. Whilst our hemp extract is not a sedative, it does help to alleviate stress before bed. Insomnia is directly related to stress. So by reducing stress levels, users are able to fall asleep quicker.
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