Active with Acids

CBD has seen rapid growth in popularity amongst the fitness and sports communities. CBD has clearly found a place in the lives of those who lead an active lifestyle. Let's take a look at ways in which it can be incorporated into an energetic routine.

People often ask 'Will CBD get me high and affect my performance?

In a nutshell, it won't.

CBD is derived from hemp or cannabis, so it’s easy to understand where this assumption comes from. Fortunately, CBD is a completely separate chemical from those that can have a cognition-altering effect. 

For now though, let’s look at some of the popular ways of using CBD alongside day-to-day activity and casual exercise.

The most popular method of taking CBD, and also one of the quickest, is with a CBD oil tincture. To summarise, this method absorbs into the bloodstream, and is most popular amongst people as something for general wellness and balance. This method allows a speedy absorption into the body and is compact and easy to bring with you when outdoors or travelling long distances. Experiment with taking CBD oil at different times of day, points during your workout, or throughout an active day, and see what feels the best for you.

Another option that is preferred by those with specific, localised discomfort or muscular tension is to topically apply CBD directly to the skin. When a CBD product is put on the skin in this way, it works to absorb into the specific area it is applied, rather than into the bloodstream - meaning you can easily target points of the body. This can be done with a CBD topical. An added bonus of using it on the skin, especially on areas of tenderness, is that the action of massaging the product in can also help improve circulation and relieve muscle tension, which can be great for aiding your recovery.

We offer both tinctures and CBD topicals in our store. Our CBD Joint Support Oil Topical is a great addition to your active lifestyle to aid in recovery. 

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