• Are Nutrapath products gluten free?

    Are Nutrapath products gluten free?
    “Is there gluten in CBD products?” It's a very common question, especially for people living a gluten free lifestyle. This isn’t usually a simple yes or no answer.   Unfortunately, because the CBD industry is not currently regulated, it is hard to know what is in the products or whether they are – or are not – gluten-free. The question is, is CBD gluten-free by nature?In its plant form, yes, hemp is naturally gluten-free.The...
  • Why Nutrapath products are pesticide free

    Why Nutrapath products are pesticide free
    Many people go out of their way to buy meat and vegetables that haven’t been exposed to pesticides. Don’t they expect the same of their cannabis flower and concentrates? It might suprise you to even think like that as it seems different to eating something, but let's face it, they both go into your mouth usually and into your body. Even the smallest amount...
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested

    3rd Party Lab Tested
    It is imperative that health products earn the trust of their customers - and this is true of most products. Because trust can be impossible to build, people are understandably skeptical of many products.Thankfully, there is a great deal of trust built in the CBD industry by word-of-mouth. Third-party labs can, and should, be used by manufacturers to test their products to ensure that...
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